360 Assure Lite – Quick Startup Guide

360 Assure Lite – Quick Startup Guide

Download and Install 360 Assure Lite:

  • Download the 360 Assure Image
  • Load the image into either VMWare ESXI 6+ or Virtual Box 5+.
  • Sign in as:
    • Username: root
    • Password: centos01
      • NB: We strongly recommend you change this password for your security.
  • Create the /var/run/360a directory for the PIDS and assign permissions:
    • mkdir /var/run/360a
    • chown 360assure:360assure /var/run/360a -R


Getting a Licence:

  • Change user to 360assure using:
    • su 360assure
  • Navigate to saCore directory and generate a UniqueID which you will enter onto the website to download the Lite licence:
    • cd /opt/360assure_Core_v1.0.1-lite/bin
    • ./saCore getuid
  • Navigate to the licence directory and copy the contents of the UID.
    • cd /opt/360assure_Core_v1.0.1-lite/licence
    • more 360SA<uid-file-name>.uid.
    • Alternatively, in an editor open the file /opt/360assure_Core_v1.0.1-lite/licence/360SA<uid-file-name>.uid
  • Paste the contents of the UID as requested when adding 360 Assure Lite to the basket on the 360 Assure website and complete the checkout process.
  • Download the licence file, <uid-file-name>.lic,  from ‘Your Products’ within your ‘Account’ page and move to  /opt/360assure_Core_v1.0.1-lite/licence directory on your virtual machine.
  • In a command window, start 360Assure Core Server by running the command:
    • /opt/360assure_Core_v1.0.1-lite/bin/saCore start
  • Check that the Server has started using the command
    • ps -ef | grep STServer
  • Start 360Assure Monitoring Point by running the command
    • /opt/360assure_MP_v1.0.1-lite/bin/sa-mp start
  • Check that the Monitoring Point has started using the command
    • ps -ef | grep STMPGenericCollector
  • Start Apache Tomcat by running the command
    • /opt/apache-tomcat-7.0.81/bin/
  • Check that Apache Tomcat has started using the command
    • ps -ef | grep tomcat


Your system is now ready to use

  • Logon to http://<virtual host machine>:8080/360assure_v1.0.1-lite, using:
    • username:  admin@local
    • password:   admin
  • Using the 360 Assure application displayed in the web browser, create a new user with admin privileges and sign in with these credentials.
  • View the sample charts to see 360 Assure running.
  • Watch the tutorial ‘Creating Your Dashboard’ to create your first dashboard.



Asynchronous Sample Monitoring

  • To start the asynchronous transaction monitor refer to the Installation Guide on how to download and run Log Re-player.

Further Notes:

  •  For security we recommend admin@local user is disabled once you have created your new admin user.