Engage your customers
As consumers, we are an increasingly impatient bunch. Visit a website, click on a link and, if that link is broken or loads too slowly, we’re off somewhere else. It’s a challenge facing every company presenting goods or services online, even the big players. Facebook, for example, spends millions trying to improve a situation where external links take seconds to load, and visitor engagement drops off. If those links are to affiliate sites with the
Stop the revenue leak from web services
Technology advances have created a society that relies heavily on the digital world. More goods and services are purchased online than ever before, but what happens if technology fails? If disruption to operations occurs and business cannot fulfil customer orders the revenue leak could potentially be huge. Businesses face many opportunities from the online marketplace, but without proper management, these often result in damaged reputation, business downtime and lost revenue. Service delivery in the digital
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The online marketplace has bolstered the SME market, providing direct access to an excessive number of customers that traditionally only larger corporates could reach. To effectively compete at this level, the expected quality of delivery is fundamental to success. But what happens when your online shop fails? An Amex survey found that 78% of consumers abandoned or not completed a transaction due to poor service. And roughly 25% of consumers will not do business with
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